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Our Story: The Clinic
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 "Feeding difficulties are not tackled alone, it takes an entire team. That includes the child, the family, the allied health professionals and medical professionals, coming together to understand a family's feeding journey to support the child. That is how we get the best feeding outcomes". (Irene Orkopoulos - Speech Pathologist)


Our Story

The Feeding Clinic originated in 2020 by Speech Pathologist and Feeding Therapist - Irene Orkopoulos. Irene is mother of a child who had experienced early feeding difficulties and at the time there was little support available. She felt this impacted her relationship with her child in the critical early years and her child's positive mealtime experiences.


The Feeding Clinic was initially developed to support parents of children across the ages and stages with a variety of feeding and swallowing difficulties.


It has since grown to offer adults with dysphagia support and intervention within the Adult Dysphagia Clinic. 


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